Washington Telangana Association (WATA)

Washington Telangana Association (WATA) is a Non Profit Tax Exempt Organization with 501(C)(3) status. All the donations to WATA are Tax Deductible.

What is WATA?
Washington Telangana Association is a non-profit organization built to provide a platform for People of Telangana Origin (Telanganites) to come together for cultural awareness and community development. The Telangana region has a rich tradition of culture, history, language that have molded Telangana identity.
Why WATA ?
Although we have local Telugu organizations, we do not have Telangana regional specific culture and social spread. Hence we the people of Telangana origin working towards the development of Telangana cultural forum preserving and cherishing the rich culture & heritage through younger generations in the United States. We help any individual or group, working for the development of Telangana.
WATA is not parallel to any of the existing Telugu organizations in WA. WATA will work in collaboration with existing Telugu Organizations’ cultural events, festivals & activities.
What we do ?
WATA organizes the community gathering to bring the Telangana people under the same roof to celebrate Telangana festivals and culture. We also organize community events, educational/cultural forums to bring people together and educate ourselves about problems faced by Telangana people for possible resolutions. WATA is also involved in organizing cultural and family events to help strengthen community bonds among Telangana people in WA USA. WATA will assist individuals and organizations that may want to take up developmental activities for charity in Telangana region.

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Washington Telangana Association (WATA)

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